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17 January 2019 @ 07:59 pm
My first bingo square, for a book set in your state / country or by a local author. This one fits both.

Book Bingo 2019 1

A Long Way From Home, by Peter Carey.

This is a story about not getting what you want, and learning to live with the consequences; of metamorphosis and adapting to the change in yourself and your circumstances.

It starts out lightly. Irene and Titch Bobs have moved to the (then) sleepy town of Bacchus Marsh, in an attempt to escape the shadow of Titch's famous, domineering father. Irene is determined that Titch will be his own man and this leads eventually to their entry in the Redex trial, a famous car rally that circumnavigated Australia. The author has drawn from history, here, and the rallies were actual events, and a lot of the characters he describes really were competitors. This added to the book, for me; in fact I ended up googling Irene Bobs just to see if she was real.

So off they set, with their neighbour Willie Bachhuber as navigator, a role that he turns out to be surprisingly good at. If you're at all interested in motor races and cars, as I am, this is one of the most enjoyable sections of the book. The author vividly brings to life the trials and dangers of the rally and the inhospitable country which they face. There's a bit of bush-mechanic-ing thrown in for good measure and added colour. The book doesn't shy away from the ugly side of Australia's history, either - in fact it becomes integral to the plot as the story progresses.

Broome is where events come to a head; the book to me stagnates a bit after then but soon picks up speed again as it follows these three on their individual paths.

The story is told via alternating viewpoints; one chapter Irene Bobs and the next Willie Bachhuber, up until the last few chapters where we lose Irene's voice. I felt Irene's story deserved a bit more time, as I don't think it was thoroughly resolved, but then it is Willie whose circumstances continued to change so I guess it's natural that the book should follow him to the end.

The other main characters are the inhabitants of an Aboriginal camp, and Australia itself - huge, desolate, sprawling, with a fringe of coastal green to keep the desert sand at bay. This is the country that Willie comes to know, rather more than he wants to!

I think this book especially spoke to me because I still remember the Australia that Carey writes about; the suburbs on the fringes of cities where the main street was tarred but everything running perpendicular were still hard-packed dirt; the highway no more than a goat track - oh and I can relate to their trip through the Snowy Mountains with no brakes! But even without that firsthand knowledge,it's still an amazing read. I was grabbed by the first sentence - For a girl to defeat one father is a challenge, but there were two standing between me and what I wanted, which was - not to fiddle-faddle - a lovely little fellow named Titch Bobs. And it kept me engrossed all the way.

Edited to add: not sure what went wrong but my LJ cut isn't working - retyped a couple of times and still the whole entry is showing. But I guess LJ is quiet enough now that I can get away with it.
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07 January 2019 @ 09:40 pm
byslantedlight posted about the 2019 LJ Book Bingo and it looks like fun. I'm not signing up for the challenge, but I'm going to use the bingo card to record my reading this year.

Book Bingo 2019

And there's a step by step tutorial on how to mark off the squares here (posted so that I can find it again!)
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05 January 2019 @ 09:56 pm
I'm pretty excited about some of the stuff that's coming up on the ABC this year. Firstly there's a third and final season of Glitch , one that hopefully ties up all the loose ends. What do you do if your dead wife is somehow resurrected, and you've already moved on and have a baby with her best friend? And all the rest of it. I loved the diversity of the Risen, in particular that someone like Patrick would be resurrected; watching a landowner and ex mayor from the late 1800s struggling to make sense of the new world he's been brought back to was for me one of the highlights.

Then there's a new series of Harrow to look forward to. I could watch this pretty man all day. The storyline is interesting enough, even if the title character is a bit cliched; it's still enough to keep me tuning in. And the Brisbane location shoots are a bonus.

I didn't know there was a new series of Mystery Road being made so that's a real treat. Some of the best Australian actors star in this detective series.

And finally... Rosehaven. God I love this show. A simple, quirky, understated comedy set in a country town in Tasmania which showcases small town life as seen through the eyes of the two main characters, best friends Daniel and Emma. Here, have a taste:
Season One trailer:

Season Two trailer:

Can't wait to see what S3 brings.
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04 January 2019 @ 10:50 pm
Whoah! Just realised that all of my photobucket pics and mood pics have suddenly reappeared. When did that happen? Last time I noticed, nearly two years back before I disappeared off into the wilderness, all of my pics had been removed and photobucket wanted to charge me a few hundred dollars to use them again.
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02 January 2019 @ 09:46 pm
I bought a calendar today to hang in the kitchen, and every time I do any discretionary spending I'm going to write it on. By the end of the year I'll be able to see exactly where all my money has gone. I'm hoping that recording it like that will make me think twice about buying anything new.
Of course the first entry on the calendar was the calendar itself....
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01 January 2019 @ 09:10 pm
All in all 2018 wasn't a bad year.
My 2018Collapse )

On balance it wasn't a bad year. I have nothing planned for 2019 other than consolidating finances, doubling down on my savings for a trip to Scotland in 2020, but I'm convinced 2019 is going to be fantastic :-) . I hope yours will be too.
30 October 2018 @ 12:11 am
So glad to see that LJ is still humming along! Thought it was time to show off my beautiful granddaughter.

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30 April 2017 @ 12:02 am

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12 February 2017 @ 07:21 pm
I promised I'd help my sister with the filling-in of a hole left after the removal of a swimming pool from her investment property. It meant shovelling and barrowing soil from the front of the property around to the back. Today was to be the day - and today was also to be 42 degrees C so to say I was not looking forward to it was an understatement. I was seriously concerned that we'd all get heatstroke before we were finished - but someone was looking out for us, because the load of soil didn't arrive! Woohoo!

Instead I planned out more of our trip, and then crashed on the couch to watch The Hollow Crown which was much more enjoyable than shovelling soil.

It's just been so hot, though. I've shaved off my oldest girl, and also took a couple of pedestal fans downstairs to keep the air moving down there. It's the coolest place in the house to start with, and by closing the doors and windows it managed to stay fairly cool (by comparison at least!). Also tipped cool water over the concrete floors, so that the evaporation would help keep things a bit cooler.

We're due for a cool change either tomorrow or Tuesday but it's only expected to drop the temps by around 10 degrees. Ah well, that's what I get for choosing to live in a semi tropical climate.
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06 February 2017 @ 09:48 pm
Had a weird dream right before waking this morning. I can't remember much of it, other than waking up and thinking "wow, who knew?!" In my dream, these two guys - guys that I haven't thought about in years, guys who were in a band together, which broke up in the early eighties and one of whom died over 15 years ago - were a couple. I had no reason to ever think they were an item IRL; Greg had girlfriends and Graeme was married twice. Funny thing, the sleeping brain.

Extra funny- when I went looking for a photo to post here, I found these:

 photo hooks 2_zpskyl37bj8.jpg

See the tall guy in white? That's Greg. The guy leaning on his shoulder? That's Graeme, nicknamed Shirley due to his curls. I found so many photos featuring just these two.

 photo hooks 1_zpspublp7mn.jpg

Like that.

 photo hooks 3_zpsbclalhtv.jpg

And that. So, 35-odd years after they split, my brain finally picked up on the subtext.
Never said I was the quickest *g*.
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