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Last year I was lucky enough to get a free ticket to Indy, which included a spot in a corporate box. Had an absolutely wonderful day, and made plans with my friend to do it again this year - but only if we could get tickets to the corporate box again. After all, one becomes accustomed to a certain lifestyle...
Anyway, try as I might, I couldn't get hold of tickets this year, and so resigned myself to watching the event on tv. Disappointing, but there's always next year.
Then, late this afternoon, I mentioned my disappointment to my boss. Who proceeded to tell me he'd been offered two tickets to the corporate box, but refused them as he likes to spend the weekends with his family. If he'd known I wanted to go, he said, he'd have accepted the tickets and given them to me.
He did offer, however, to pass any future tickets on to me, including tickets to the football. Small consolation, but I'll take it.
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