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TV Times

Turned the TV on for a little bit tonight. First up I watched a docco on SBS - over 20 million Soviet citizens lost their lives during the Great Patriotic War (aka World War 2). That's more than the population of Australia while I was growing up.
When that ended I switched over to 9 for the last half-hour of Stuart Little 2, just so I could check out Hugh Laurie being someone other than Greg House. Wow, he actually smiled; that's not something I'm used to seeing in 'House'.
My 'cat breeder' instincts came to the fore during one scene in which Snowbell comments that he has a strong stomach but a weak heart. "Ah, cardiomyopathy" was my immediate thought. "Wonder what lines he's from."
And then I turned the TV off before it could rot my brain any further.
Tags: cats, fandom

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