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End of the show year

Today was the last cat show for 2005. A little bird whispered some exciting news in my ear - I'm posting it here, rather than to one of my cat lists, because I can't disclose it there until I receive official notification. The letter should arrive later this week, but in the meantime - the girl I've been campaigning all year, Princess Fatty Kitten, (that's her in the icon) won Best Of Breed in my cat council. I also learned that she won Best Female Cat in my breed club. Not bad for a four year old!
Of course, in the cat show world she's not known as Princess Fatty Kitten, but rather as Australian Cat Federation Award of Excellence, Co-ordinating Cat Council of Australia Champion, NSW Bronze Double Grand Champion and QLD Gold Double Grand Champion Saavik Bacardi.
Whatever. PFK rocks!
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