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I love my job. I just had a married couple in my office, wanting conditional approval on a no-deposit loan. I'd earlier given them a list of documents they needed to bring with them - just the usual items eg payslips, bank statements. They had none of it. Didn't even have their licences with them.
They began a long rambling attempt to explain the total lack of any documentation. It boiled down to this - when they were showering this morning they discovered a huge spider sharing the cubicle with them. They fled, still with conditioner in hair etc, and spent some time plotting the spider's demise, then warily returned to the bathroom and carried out the execution. By the time this was accomplished they had just enough time left to complete their ablutions, then rush out the door to work, totally forgetting the pile of docs sitting on their kitchen table.
I had to laugh, picturing this large burly man being so put-off by a poor defenceless spider!
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