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This one comes from mrlnpndrgn

1. My username is _________ because ____________
2. My journal is titled ___________ because ____________
3. My subtitle is __________ because _____________
4. My Friends page is titled _________ because ____________
5. My Default pic is ___________ because ____________

Okay - take a deep breath - and dive right in!

1. My username is Miwahni because I wanted something that, to me, was cat-related, and this is the prefix of my Norwegian Forest Cat Miwahni Truls, whom I love to bits and pieces.

2. My journal is titled "Not That There's Anything WRONG With That" - which is a classic line from a Seinfield episode, and it just seemed to sum up my whole attitude to life, really.

3. My subtitle is "Altered States" because - well, this was the original title of my journal, picked when I first decided to move to a different state. But the phrase had layers of meaning so it was appropriate in more than one way.

4. My Friends page is titled Mates' Stuff because that's what it is. Mate is a very Australian expression quite commonly used. Most of my pages have Stuff in their title, so this one just followed the theme.

5. My Default pic is this avatar. Why? Because it's cool. It's how I feel, if not how I look! Maybe twenty or so years ago.... ;^))

Tag to anyone else who wants to play.
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