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Tomorrow's Friday

Not pondering any great (or not-so-great!) philosophies tonight. Just feeling gloriously relaxed, and glad that the end of the week is nigh. Had a couple of little wins today - a loan application taken over the phone at 3.30, and approved an hour later. A valuation ordered at lunchtime and the completed report on my desk by 5pm. That's service.
On the downside, had to decline a loan for a really nice young couple who are struggling to make ends meet. They didn't meet criteria but I referred it to Sydney for a closer look, but National Acceptance declined it also. In a way I was relieved as I thought they were getting in way over their heads, but all the same it was hard to ring them and tell them the bad news.
Then there was the lady who rang up to cancel her relocation loan application. This is a type of bridging finance that gives the customer 6 months to sell their existing house. Its a couple of acres, she and her husband are elderly & hoped to move to an ordinary town block. Then today she received a letter from the RTA telling her that the planned highway bypass is slated to go right through her property. She is now convinced - with good reason - that she will not be able to sell this property within the required 6 months, and certainly not at its current listed price.
Hot today, one of those days that makes you glad you work in air conditioning.

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