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Blowin' in the wind

Not quite a hurricane, but still...one minute I was driving home from work, hoping to beat the looming storm, and the next minute Wham! No, I wasn't hit by George Michael, but the storm hit me full-force. Within the space of a couple of feet I went from a few drops on the windscreen, to rain beating horizontally at the car, and wind rocking the car on its springs like in a bad hip hop video.
I had to pull off the road a block from home as I just couldn't see a thing. It was pitch-black at 5.30pm, except for the illumination provided by the lightning strikes. When eventually the rain eased off from f***ing incredible to merely torrential, I eased the car back out onto the road and down to my intersection. Both the street lights and the traffic lights were out; it was surreal, waiting at the intersection for cars that I could barely see to crawl past.
Got soaked, getting from the car to the front door. I waited under the porch for the rain to ease but after ten minutes it showed no sign of doing so. No electricity when I finally got inside, so no longed-for coffee. I had a shower by candlelight, fed cats by torchlight - and then the clouds blew away and the sun came back out. Weird.
Reduced to having tuna on crackers for dinner, then spent a quiet evening reading by torchlight. Still no power when I went to bed; it was eventually restored at 3am.
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