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It's (Not) A Joke, Joyce..

Even though it reads like something out of the Molvanian tourist guide, the following is an actual excerpt from a Lonely Planet guide:
"Swimming is forbidden at many Russian beaches because of pollution. Also, they're often pebbly. However, it doesn't matter, as Russians like to stand at the beach to get an all-over tan."
The book also supplies some handy phrases such as "Ya ne gey" (I'm not gay) and "Atyebis!" (Fuck off) as ways to repel would-be suitors. And "First Encounters" in the Dating section includes two pickup line gems- "vam yavna kanstruktivizm" (You clearly appreciate constructivism) and "klassnaya popka!" (Nice bum!) Hmm, yep, I can see either of those working....

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