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The Virtues of Wearing Panty Hose

Things That Found Their Way Into My Christmas Stocking :-

1. Coco, by Chanel. I just love it.
2. DVD Series 1 of House. Yay!
3. DVD Series 1 of Miami Vice. Yay again.
4. Bookstore gift voucher. (rubbing hands together in anticipation)
5. Peter Brock - the Legend. Just the DVD, not the man himself. Ah well there's always next year.
6. Purple throw-rug with cats on it. Perfect in my loungeroom.
7. Chocolates. Christmas hamper. Body Shop toiletries. Darrell Lea hamper. Ferrero Rocher (?) Christmas bell full of chocolates. All of these from customers/ workmates / business associates.
8. Little inspirational book for meditative reading.
I feel extremely spoilt.
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