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Lying - True or False?

Big debate at work today about lies, the telling of, and Mark reckons that we should be genetically altered so that it is obvious if we tell a lie. Like, we go a funny colour, or our nose grows like Pinocchio. But lying, I assert, serves a useful social function. There are some truths it is safer not to tell. I'm not talking here about lying with malicious intent, or to deliberately deceive. Rather the lies you tell to keep a bit of peace in your life, that can't possibly hurt anyone. If your partner asks, for example, "do these pants make my bum look big?" No, its your big fat arse that makes your bum look big! But saying that is more than your life is worth.
Other lies just grease the wheels a bit. "Yes, of course I'll be glad to do that for you." Even if you're muttering "Drop dead, peasant" under your breath. Or "Gee, you look nice today." ( that's if you're INTO goth subculture. Or maybe the corpse look is the latest trend, and I've simply missed it). These are the lies that keep society functioning. Where would we be without them?

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