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He'd Better Not

There's been a song running though my head all day, a very old song that dates back to my teenage years. But for the first time I actually noticed exactly what I was singing....
The song is "He Did With Me" by Vicki Lawrence, and the second verse is
"I used to smile at how he'd leave his clothes all scattered on the floor,
And leave the shower running, and forget to close the door."

HUH??? She SMILED?? I'd kill the thoughtless prick. Where's your sense of self-worth, sweetheart? You think you were put on this earth to clean up after some worthless piece of crap? Think yourself lucky he left you, girlie. He did you a bigger favour than you'll ever know.

This song also highlights another change in social attitudes. Back when it was on the Top 40, 2SM would never play the next two lines. Instead they would repeat the end of the first verse which made an utter nonsense of the song - but it was not socially acceptable to air the lines "The way he said each Sunday 'let's have breakfast here in bed.' And all the toast that used to burn while we made love instead." When you listen to the lyrics of some popular bands these days eg Korn or Limp Biskit, or even people like Robbie Williams, you realise just how much attitudes have changed.

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