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1976 was a pivotal year for me. It was the year I entered the workforce for the first time. It was the year my parents split up. And so on. Big big year.

1976 was also the year featured on TripleM's Cold 30 tonight, when they played the top 30 songs of October 1976. The No. 1 song was Evil Woman by ELO but that was just one of the many songs evoking memories of a momentous time in my life. Capricorn Dancer by Richard Clapton, for example, brings hot, humid summer nights to mind. Much like tonight, actually. ABBA's Fernando - I'm almost ashamed to note that I knew every single word. I still remember Molly Meldrum on Countdown raving about his latest discovery, a band called Supernaut who did well with "I Like It Both Ways." In retrospect, I can see why Molly plugged this so earnestly. The so-mellow Steve Miller Band had a hit with Fly Like An Eagle. And I can't remember who the artist was, but Play That Funky Music also charted really well.

Ah, memories.
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