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B7 Rec

Title : And What Happened After (three part series online)
Fandom : Blakes 7
Author : Manna
Pairing : A/T
Rating : NC17
Link : Part One, Cold
Link : Part Two, Warm
Link : Part Three, After the Fire

Part Four at this stage is only available in the OOP zine Angelfood. Well worth it if you can get your hands on a copy.

Part one is set in S4, written from Tarrant's point of view. It's unhurried and quite understated as you'd expect when dealing with someone like Avon.
Part two is told in the wake of Zeeona's death, and once again less is more.
Part three is set on Gauda Prime,and Vila is our narrator. He doesn't miss much, does he? Yet he's wondering how long things have been going on under his nose.
He paints a bleak picture,and unlike some PGPs, all's not well that ends well. In fact, this doesn't end well at all, but it leaves hope that circumstances will improve.

EDIT : Why this must be read - because it's slow, and sweet, and hopeless and hopeful all at once. Because Tarrant manages to get in under Avon's defences, and the author makes me believe it.

"Avon, I should go. I know the ship better. And anyway, I'm youn..."

He bit the end off the sentence, but it was too late. He could blame the headache. In fact, Tarrant thought, he must have a concussion. Featuring just below Servalan, Blake and hey-remember-the-time-you-lost-Liberator on the list of topics not to raise with Avon was age. From the perspective of youth Tarrant thought it was a stupid thing to be so touchy about, but he knew better than to say that as Avon turned without a word and stalked off the flight deck.">

Part four takes up the tale some time afterwards. It's not so much a continuation of the first three as a further story set in the same universe.

Recs normally posted to my fic journal, but this journal is the one with the 100 icons of goodness.
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