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Leave of Absence

I can't believe it's been a week since I last played here. So much has happened in that time - I had the worst drive to Brisbane ever last Tuesday, in the pouring rain all the way. It was really scary on the freeway, with cars falling off the road everywhere. Still, I arrived safe and sound at my ultimate destination.

Of course my mobile chose that time to pack it in, too, so a new mobile was at the top of the shopping list. Probably a good thing that it happened when it did, as I had a lot more choice in Brisbane than I would have had here in Coffs. Bought a really cute little Nokia phone outright, and transferred my sim card into it. I guess it was really time to retire my Phillips Savvy, which was nearly five years old. I don't know anyone else with a mobile that old! They seem to have quite short lifespans.

Ah, home again. Back into my comfort zone. Love it.

Phone call tonight from a friend whose son (only child) has just left home to join the air force. She's feeling a bit down tonight. I know how it feels. Still, she'll get over it!

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