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Masquerades and car chases and gun battles, oh my!

Just watched Calderone's Return, an episode of Miami Vice directed by Paul Michael Glaser - the "sharks and weirdness" episode. Odd to see the schoolteacher with her class outdoors while she read them a story, and nary a hat to be seen. We've become so indoctrinated with Slip Slop Slap that it's strange to think back to a time where this message wasn't constantly being reinforced.
And - I'd never noticed before, but Crockett's cigarette boat has a mysteriously shifting pilot seat (or steering wheel or whatever the hell they call it.) When they're travelling to St Andrews, Sonny is piloting the boat from the right hand seat, but when they're heading home he's on the left hand side at first, but then switches back to the right. And they're both wearing the clothes that they wore for the trip out. Funny, huh?
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