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Totally work-related

Gotta love my job.
Today I had a lady telling me all about an exhaust system she was having installed in her home. Apparently it consists of an industrial-strength fan in the roof which has ducts leading into various rooms in her house. She only has to open the windows, switch it on, and it creates a cool breeze throughout. One drawback, though, is she's been warned that the rats currently living in her ceiling cavity will come to a grisly end. They can expect to be sucked into the fan. Charming.
This morning I received an email from our state manager announcing that I had been invited to a morning tea next week with her and our CEO. Then later this afternoon the state manager's sidekick emailed to say that the SM and CEO were actually double-booked next week, so perhaps we could do lunch or something later on. I'm not holding my breath here, seeing as how I'm still waiting for our postponed pre-Christmas lunch to be rescheduled.

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