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What's Wrong With This Conversation?

Me: Excuse me, can you tell me your price on the Nokia 1100 please?
Shop Assistant: (consults book) yes it's $189.00
Me: Thank you, I'd like one please
SA: We don't have any in stock yet, and don't know when we're getting some.
Me: But, you have two on display in the window.....
SA: (annoyed) They're dummies, not real phones!
Me: (confused!) Then why do you have them on display, if you don't have any for sale?
SA: For advertising.
Me; (Deep breath) Oh-kay......(glances around quickly, sidles to the door, then makes a run for it).

I felt like Alice must have when she fell into Wonderland. Only my white rabbit was a display phone which was impossible to buy.

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