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Nothing like a throbbing muscle...

Car, that is. I just caught a terrific show, while waiting for the cricket to start. It was the 2005 Australian Muscle Cars Masters. Toranas galore - GTR XU1s, L34s, and the iconic A9X. Monaros, Camaros, Chargers. Fords, ranging from Phase 3 GTHOs and Mustangs, through the Tudors as driven by Moffat/Bond in 1977 to the square XDs and later of early 80s.
And the drivers who were interviewed - Moffat, Bond, Brock, Goss, even John Harvey was there. And Bob Morris, who still lays claim to a Bathurst win in 1976 (that is, the record books show Bob as the winner, even though a check after the race unearthed an error in the lap scoring, which proved that the Bond/Harvey car was actually the first home. GM-Holden didn't pursue it, not wanting to be seen as the big factory team stamping on "the little bloke".)
Bob Jane was there too, but he seemed to find it difficult to string an ordinary sentence together. Kinda sad. He is such a legend.
This was a toss-up as to which icon to use - my new Snoopy-Dance for happiness? One of my V8 Supercars icons? Finally settled on my 70s happy-trippy-hippy icon.
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