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Boring Stuff, Just Because

CDs currently playing in my car:-
1) Intensive Care, Robbie Williams. Played over and over and over and...well you get the drift.
2) L.A.M.B., Gloria Stefani. Should be played in a convertible not a sedan.
3) Shaman, Santana. Play "Spot-The-Guest-Artist"
4) Mistaken Identity, Delta Goodrem. Former Neighbours star who's actually talented.
5) Soundtrack from the movie "Starsky & Hutch". Have I mentioned that I love 70s music?
6) Love songs compilation. Usually skipped over.
7) Westlife compilation. When this plays while I'm travelling to cat shows, the cats always cry through it. What are they trying to tell me?
8) Supernatural, Santana. So I discovered I liked Santana. Who knew?
9) Stripped, Christina Aguliera (? - too lazy to grab case and check spelling)
10) Enrique Iglesias' self-titled album. The one with "Rhythm Divine". Fortunately that's my favourite track, as there are three different versions of it on the album.
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