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I have some people due any minute now for their second visit to my kittens. Prior to their first visit they checked out another cattery, then last night they viewed another breeder's babies. Today they ventured north to the Sunshine Coast and then Hervey Bay. They rang me just as they were heading back south again. Hopefully this is a good sign,and they're serious about buying.
It's just weird. Before my move here I lived in a regional city, and for a long time I was the only Birman breeder in town. Basically if anyone between Newcastle and the Gold Coast wanted a Birman they had to come to me. It was always a rule of thumb that if you got them to visit your cattery they'd leave with a baby - simply because there was nowhere else they could get one. So it feels odd here to have buyers who shop around.
Boy Georgie's so cute, though. I don't know how they could resist.
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