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Today was one of those Gasp - Wow - Sense of Wonder days where everything seems amazing.
In the newspaper today, sex workers can now claim a tax deduction for the replacement of damaged bondage equipment. I'm not even going to comment on that one.
Downloaded a new songvid this morning which put a smile on my face all day. For TS fans, it's by Diana Williams, called This Kiss and you can find it here.
I'm putting together a submission for a pay rise at present. My first draft contained statements beginning with "I feel" and "I believe". My second draft has been changed to read "I think" and "I know". Sounds much more assertive, I reckon!
Mutthai Muralitharan has indicated that he may never play in Australia again as he is harrassed and heckled constantly while he is onfield. So, it's pretty rude behaviour on behalf of the crowd (and opposing players) but surely he wasn't brought up in a convent....
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