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Rocking my World

Had a phone call from a telemarketer this evening. Poor guy, I don't think he's been doing the job too long because he didn't have his script down pat, and was umm-ing and ahh-ing. He was ringing on behalf of a mortgage and lending company and went to great pains to tell me that the managing director of this firm was none other than Dick Johnson, "and I'm sure you've heard of him." Went on to tell me the name of the company - First Rock - and I just burst out laughing. Couldn't help it. I sat there wondering where Tricky Dick got the money to lend - by crying on TV, perhaps?

Poor Dick, he built himself a car that didn't get to go too far,
An obtuse rock got in his way and stopped his racing for the day.
Now Dick was not to be deterred, he cried on TV, sad and hurt
So people all across the nation wrote to him with their donation.
Then Edsel Ford got in the act; with Tricky Dick he made a pact
To match the money cent for cent;
He'd show them all it wasn't misspent....

Can't remember the rest....

Dick Rocks

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