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The Phone Game

Last week I recounted the saga of my new phone. I mentioned its a Nokia (pay me now for brand advertising, thank you) and the reason for choosing a Nokia was simply that I wanted to be able to download ringtones for it. Something a bit more creative than the usual narrow selection.

You'd think, wouldn't you, that being a relatively new phone, there would be ringtones available for it? Well, kiddies, it ain't necessarily so. I've been searching websites for the last little while & I've yet to find a site that supports the 1100. Back to the drawing board.

Still on the subject of phones, I went looking on Ebay for an Ericofone, that icon of '70's kitsch. Found two but both are well above what I'm prepared to pay. But all was not lost, I managed to successfully bid for something totally unrelated to phones etc - it cost me $6.99 US & the postage is another $10.... give this girl a paypal account & she's bloody dangerous....

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