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Roughing it in style

Back in the days when I used to go camping, half the fun of the excursion was roughing it. You'd pack a tent and a sleeping bag, maybe an air mattress that usually you couldn't be bothered inflating; you'd scout out the flattest area in your chosen location, then spend as little time as possible digging out the biggest stones from your spot. Then off you'd go, to swim, fish, hike or whatever. So okay, by the end of the weekend you'd be black and blue, and so very grateful to see your own bed again. But as I mentioned at the start, the conditions endured were half the charm of the time away.
You know you're getting older when a friend arrives home from a fishing trip complete with fold-up bed, sheets, blankets and doona for aforementioned bed, and - wait for it - a whipper snipper, with which to subdue the environment prior to erecting the tent. *shakes head sadly* I don't know what the older generation is coming to.

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- even though it came from the local Co-op!.

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