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Show blues

One of our exhibitors yesterday had a day she wouldn't want to repeat in a hurry -

it started out shit and rapidly descended into total up-fuckery.
Firstly, on her way to our show she was booked for speeding, and copped a $255 fine. Day's not looking too bright, huh? Then when she arrived, she discovered that her entry hadn't been received in the mail. We raced around like headless chooks finding spare cages for her, writing out award cards for her cats, and adding her exhibit's details to the catalogue.
Finally, mid-afternoon her new kitten, recently imported from New Zealand at great expense, started choking on something. It was terrifying - his gums and tongue were turning blue as he struggled to breathe. She had to race him to an emergency vet, where he stayed for x-rays, and anaesthetic to calm him enough to get the xrays taken.
The pictures didn't show anything lodged anywhere in his airways, so now the most likely suspect is a virus, especially as his litter mate, imported by her friend, is also showing signs of respiratory distress today.

This was one of the scariest things I'd witnessed in a long time. I was convinced that the kitten was dying, and was relieved to hear that his breathing was back to normal at the vet's, but it's still a worry, not knowing the exact cause. Fortunately, due to the entry not being received prior to the show date, neither kitten was benched where it should have been - in strict catalogue order, these two kittens would have flanked my girl. As it panned out, Hippie Chick was way up the other end of the ring, and so hopefully safe. I'll be keeping a close eye on her for the next 10 days or so, though.

On a lighter note, it was the hippie chicken's first show and she did rather well! She didn't place in one ring, but in the other three she scored a 6th, a 3rd and a Best in Show. Way to go, Chicken!

While I type this, Princess Fatty Kitten is licking the monitor screen. I wish she wouldn't do that.

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