miwahni (miwahni) wrote,

Week - End

I seem to be lurching from one problem to another, which makes for stress and not much else. I've had a customer complaint (overridden by my area manager when I could produce documentation showing that the complaint was, well, unfounded is putting it diplomatically), I've had a lender at another branch send me a stack of files that she can't manage, but everything is set up wrong as she's very new to the job and still learning (but I have to sort it all out) as well as the daily routine that I need to get through. It's like that old Chinese curse about living in interesting times.

There were a lot of good times this week, too, I must add, including and not limited to the African Violet I was given. And the donor, I might add, moved here from Zimbabwe. The fact that it took me three days to make the connection is testament to how tired/stressed/ just plain worn out I am.

And tonight my throat is scratchy and quite itchy, as are the inside of my ears. I hate itchy ears! There are two possible causes:-
1) I'm getting the flu that our manager has, or
2) it's from the smoke that filled the branch this afternoon. One of our staff put some noodles in the microwave, then took a phone call that lasted longer than she had expected. She was damned lucky the sprinklers didn't go off, there was that much smoke in the place.

Anyway, for an end-of-week treat tonight I rewatched the pilot of The Sentinel. Then wiped the drool off the couch.

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