miwahni (miwahni) wrote,

By the Way

You know, you can drive around for ages and not see anyone do anything dumb, and then you can have days like today where dumbness seems to be the rule.
At a T intersection this morning, waiting to turn right onto a road with lanes divided by a median strip and a fence. What does the car in front of me do? Turn onto the wrong side of the road. Lucky for her there was nothing coming, and the road was wide enough for her to safely make a U-turn.
A bit later on I came across a forlorn sight - truck driver staring in dismay at the rear of his removalist truck which was half-in, half-out of a driveway which angled quite steeply up from the road, and the undercarriage was firmly wedged in the tarmac. By the marks on the road I'd say he had a few goes at getting free but only succeeded in digging himself in deeper.
Heading home tonight I had a car come out of a street on the left and cut across the traffic in front of me, in order to turn right. He stopped in the middle of the road, waiting for the oncoming traffic to clear; however he obviously forgot that he was towing a golf buggy which protruded into my lane.
And then, at another T intersection where there are two turning lanes - one left, one right - the car in front of me, waiting to turn right, decided to go when the left turn arrow went green. I just closed my eyes, waiting for the crash, but fortunately he realised his mistake before he'd gotten across the lane completely.
Now, tonight, I've been hearing sirens intermittently, and I wonder who else has stuffed up, and why today?

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