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The Week That Was

It's been a weird - and long - week at work. One staffer about to have her employment terminated (I keep having visions of Arnie with a dirty big gun - "Hasta Lavista, baby") for repeated security breaches, two staffers taken to task for sleeping together on work time, and our manager resigned. All's rosy in the garden this week!

Personal life's not much better either. Nothing new on the sale front. On a brighter note, my soon-to-be-ex-manager is having a party plan party tomorrow, which I have promised to attend. Its for something called Hornynoonand night, promises to be...well, interesting, if nothing else. They ask for a 20% deposit for all purchases on the day. I'm thinking they must get a lot of people who order something, then common sense kicks in and they retract the order. We'll see, anyway. Good for a laugh if nothing else.

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