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Observations From A Cat Show

Specifically, Holiday Coast Show.

1) It's only a fuckup if it impacts on exhibitors. If they're oblivious, it's only a little mistake.
2) If you can't help, then at the very least don't hinder.
3) Did I ask you? Didn't think so.
4) If you're going to pick something up, for god's sake put it back where you found it. Otherwise judges end up with the wrong challenge/CCCA cards to award. Fun - not.
5) If you know so much about the running of a show, how come you never put your expertise into practice?
6) Yes, of course you deserved to win. Didn't we all.
7) You're allowed to hold a different opinion to the judge. But it's bad form to voice that opinion - loudly - while standing behind the actual winner.
8) It's a cat show. It is not open-heart surgery, nor does it contribute to the greater good of mankind. Get some perspective here.

Had a great day regardless. And for the first time, going back to Coffs didn't feel like going home, but rather felt like visiting.
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