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Life, The Universe and Everything

Yep, boring.
I try to avoid doctors where I can. Firstly it's the whole Making An Appointment thing, then there's the Waiting thing, followed by the Finding Out, which is usually the worst part. But there was this lump worrying me. In true M fashion I've ignored it for a while, but today, while sitting at my desk worrying myself silly about it, I actually picked up the phone and rang a doctor. The surgery is quite near my work and I was able to get in during my lunch hour, which was great.
So - after a month of worry, today I find out that there's nothing to worry about. I should have done that weeks ago.

Peter Brock is going to be at a local shopping centre in a few weeks' time - but I've already paid my cat show entry fee for that day. Bugger bugger bugger! I'd love to get a couple of books autographed.

I wish the MidAmerica Bank would stop emailing me and asking me to upgrade my security settings.

Going to bed now.
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