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End of the Weekend

And boy it came around quickly. It rained all afternoon so I was able to play on the pc without feeling guilty. I managed to get the yard swept & pool skimmed prior to the rain, so it wasn't a total waste.

I've had trouble lately coming up with topics for this journal. Once, everything I saw had an absurd side which was deserving of comment. Now, my sense of the ridiculous has fled, leaving in its place my sense of the overwhelmingly depressing. Starting to feel a whole lot like Marvin The Paranoid Android. Or Eeyore.

Still, tomorrow is the start of a whole new week. Monday mornings are always exciting - a bit like standing on the high dive board, waiting to dive into the pool, as you wait to see what the week will bring you. And whether you'll make a splash, or simply a bellyflop.

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