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Where did the weekend go?

Back to work this morning, but I don't feel as though I had a weekend. Saturday was spent setting-up for a cat show; there were less helpers than usual so I had to do more of the heavy stuff myself. Yesterday was the show itself, and the pull-down afterwards. My shoulders and back are stiff and sore, my feet are sore, and just to make the whole thing bright and cheery I've had a headache since Wednesday.
The show manager this weekend is one of those Daddy's Little Princess types that annoy me so much. She rang on Friday night, just to "let you know where I"m up to" and she spent the next hour carrying on about how difficult everything is. Nothing changed over the weekend - every time we spoke she needed to put on the helpless, unfortunate act.
Anyway, funds are now all accounted for and ready to be banked today. Hopefully we've made a profit.
Got up this morning wishing it was night-time already so I could go back to bed, still so tired.

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