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So What's Up?

Home late last night due to a home visit to a customer on the north side of town. Consequently I was crossing the Storey Bridge at 7.30pm. A glance over my right shoulder nearly took my breath away - Brisbane is absolutely beautiful at night. I wished I was a passenger rather than driver so I could do more than just sneak a peek.

Home late tonight because of a shopping centre promotion I had to attend. I wasn't impressed to arrive at work this morning and find I'd been pencilled in for the 5pm - 7pm shift. I went, however, and ended up actually enjoying myself.

One good thing to come out of this evening - my market manager was also at the shopping centre and he mentioned that he's recommended me for a grade promotion. That will be nice if it comes through.

Four whole days off work now. I have a houseful of visitors coming up for the V8 Supercars at Willowbank. This will be fun! One of them is considering a move to Brisbane so we're going house-hunting on Monday.

Then Tuesday is another day out of the office due to a lender's meeting. Luckily I have nothing that's time-sensitive sitting on my desk at present.

The insulation guys are coming back tomorrow to unblock the exhaust fan in my bathroom. I guess they want their money.

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