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I read an article in the newspaper this week in relation to four wheel drive vehicles. A survey was conducted in which the sample group were people who regularly drove both a 4WD and a standard vehicle. The report showed that their driving habits changed significantly when behind the wheel of the 4WD - in particular, they tended to brake later, and harder, than they did whilst driving their standard vehicle.
This bothers me. My main gripe about 4WDs has always been that it's impossible to see past them in order to see what's happening in the traffic up ahead, which can lead to more nose-to-tail accidents, especially if the 4WD brakes late. What chance does the car behind have of stopping in time, if they've been unable to read the traffic patterns ahead?
I always leave a bit more distance than usual between me and a 4WD. Of course that means that three other cars think I've left a space for them and jump in, but that's fine too. At least then I can gauge the traffic behaviour four cars ahead. And if there is to be a rear-end collision I shouldn't be involved.

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