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Oh. Dear.

Some people should just go back to notepaper and envelopes. Good friend having trouble with her internet connection - I thought we could try the basics over the phone prior to inflicting her on her poor unsuspecting hapless IT helpdesk.
MW = Miwahni. GF = Good Friend

MW : So, shut down your programs and turn off the pc...
GF : It says "Windows is shutting down"
MW : That's right. Is it finished yet?
GF : Now it has
MW : So now switch off your modem....
GF : What's that?
MW : Ookay...it's a smallish box, have a look on the desk, it's about the size of three cigarette packs and should have some lights on it.
GF : Oh, this silver box? There's a message on it
MW : What does it say?
GF : Connection with the server has been lost. Please switch off to reset.
MW : * facepalm * so let's do that, okay?
GF : How?
MW : *rapidly progressing to headdesk* have a look, there should be an on-off switch...

This was the actual conversation. I kid you not. Friend is sweet and I love her dearly but technology is not her forte.

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