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I'm really angry tonight. One of the girls at work has been ostracized by her boss for daring to blow the whistle on his work practices. Unfortunately neither her boss's boss, or the head of HR, believe her, and this bastard is going to get away with it. She has been told to stay home on "paid leave" while they resolve the situation but she has been told it is an issue of trust ie her boss no longer trusts her or wants her working with him. She is dead scared that she will be fired over this, and I can't see any recourse for her. The union won't take it on as she only joined last week. You need to be a member for a few months before they will support you, which is understandable as they used to get a lot of people who only joined when they had a problem.

It just really annoys me though. My current position should be available soon, and this girl would slot right in, but now my boss is saying she can't jeopardise her working relationship with this girl's boss (same place, different departments) so she won't consider her as my replacement. So, once more, this guy gets away with something which feeds his own power trip.

And the woman that he's involved with is conspiring in the cover up. She also works with us although she is senior to the whistle blower, and answers to the same boss. They are a pair of liars who are prepared to destroy this girl rather than take responsibility for their own actions. Its not just the sleeping together - hell, I don't care who they're screwing - its just that their secret trysts (he's married) take them out of the office for hours at a time, and she is left holding the bag & trying to do the work of three people. Its fairly well known at work that its impossible to get in touch with the man involved in the middle of the day, as he doesn't answer his mobile phone & is never in the office. No, he's at the RSL with his lady, or at her place. They rock back into work mid-afternoon & apologise for FALLING ASLEEP after lunch.

I needed to vent. I'm so mad I could spit.

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