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TV or Not TV

For the last 9 months I've had a meter on my tv, and every time I turn the set on I have to indicate how many people are watching. Yep, I'm one of the ratings people. And every so often I get a phone call, like the one a fortnight ago, from the ratings company, which goes like this: "Now I know we have you marked as a genuine non-watcher - but can you confirm for me that you really only watched three hours of TV in February?" "Um," says I, thinking quickly, "was that a Saturday night? " I could remember waiting for a phone call & staying off the net until it came. Anyway, tonight I had a different call from the ATR people - they now have too many "genuine non-viewers" on their books so they want to disconnect my service. Tomorrow night. Which is fine by me, by the way! One less remote control on the lounge, and the signal box will be removed from my kitchen bench where it hooks up with the telephone. I just hope they will forgive the teethmarks in the cables.

But a casual glance at a tv guide for any given week will explain why I couldn't be bothered with the idiot box. Take this synopsis of a movie which screens this weekend, focussing on Miss World contests. " One contestant is accused of stealing jewellery from a rival, while the contest itself is jeopardised by a loon who threatens to set off a bomb strapped to a chicken." Yeah, sounds like rivetting stuff. Especially for the chicken. Or there's the sitcom, whose synopsis simply reads "Hal slashes the price of his Christmas trees." Whoa! Ground-breaking stuff there!

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