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Friday Night Musings

It is a strange and wonderful world I live in, when I can walk into EzyDVD and ask for "the boxed set of the ninth doctor" and the salesguy knows EXACTLY what I'm looking for.

Pretty cruisy weekend planned - or not-planned, as the case may be. Birman club meeting tomorrow afternoon and that's it. Looks like a DVD-a-thon tomorrow night if nothing better raises its head.

Market manager finally caught up with me about holidays. I've booked three weeks, commencing next month, and at first I was pretty annoyed about having to take time when I had no plans to use it. Now I have a list as long as my arm of things I need to do during that time - get the car serviced, go to the DFO at Eagle Farm, fix up my garden etc. Looks like I'll have no trouble filling the time after all. Might even get a TV antenna installed; it would be nice to watch the V8s without all the wavy lines running through them.
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