miwahni (miwahni) wrote,

In the mail today I received an unsolicited offer from a company wishing to purchase some shares I bought recently - at approximately half their market value. No explanation of why the offer was being made - simply a form to complete and a letter telling me to contact my financial adviser if I wasn't sure what to do. Oh, and a pre-addressed envelope for me to return the completed form in. No stamp though.
Luckily it's nearly election time and I had also received a lot of election leaflets, plus some pizza coupons and a real estate agent's brochure - all of which fitted very nicely into the pre-addressed envelope. I'll post it off tomorrow. No stamp though. I'm sure they'll make enough money ripping off gullible people that they can afford a small postage charge.
Stupid? Probably.
Childish? No doubt.
Fun? Oh yeah!
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