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This Month's WTF?

Kindly brought to you by news.com.au

Skimming through the headlines tonight, we have the following stories of great import:

Deal Reached on Palestinian Unity.

Angry Protestors Greet Blair

US Spy Chief in secret talks with PM

Joseph Voted off Idol
Voted off Idol?

Sheesh. Must have been a slow day newswise if that's one of the best stories they can come up with.

I also heard, courtesy of anonpussynamer, that some retards are cutting the tails off stingrays in retaliation for Steve Irwin's death. That has taken stupidity to a new low. The stingray was only doing what stingrays do, after all; why the fuck do you think its called a stingray?!
On that note, I suppose I should be out cutting down trees.
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