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Like A Virgin

...on her wedding night (not the Madonna song) is how I feel tonight. I just submitted a story for consideration to a zine, a real, paper-based zine, not just a website. And it's the first time in twenty years that I've done it. Now the editorial process will begin, assuming of course that my story isn't rejected outright. How secure is my ego? Can I take constructive criticism? Hell no! I'll go running for the nearest rock to hide under! And I'll take my story with me.

Went shopping at lunchtime, bought Easter Eggs and no-fat milk. Which is kinda like going to KFC & buying a two-piece feed with a Diet Pepsi. Or my favourite, a six pack of no-fat yoghurt doing time in the shopping trolley alongside a carton of dip & a packet of Doritos. Yum. What the well-bred single has for Saturday night dinner.

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