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Big Kev Says - I'm Excited!

Big day today, much excitement all round. Contracts finally exchanged - yay! Only been going on since the 31st January. One touch of sadness; my first choice of house up north sold only this week. However I was successful in making an offer for my second choice. Just have to wait for the end of the cooling-off period on Tuesday to finally, defiinitely, have my new house. And it will be all mine. Squee!

And my Blakes 7 DVDs arrived. Oh this is going to be such a good weekend! Please no-one ring me over the next two days, I'll be either packing or watching B7! No seriously, ring, please, if you want to chat. Friends are more important than DVDs. Even B7 (did I say that? Wash my mouth out with adrenaline & soma!)

It's the early hours of Saturday morning, I'm much too wired to sleep. A couple more glasses of chardonnay, I think. But I can't stay up too late as Ross is coming over tomorrow to help remove the roof on the pergola. God forbid that something approved by council in 1989 should remain, it might cause stormwater runoff onto next-door's yard. Yeah, right. Whatever.

I don't know where my head was tonight. I did my grocery shopping earlier this evening, and managed to spend $24 more than usual even without buying any cat food. What I DID buy, though, included two pillows, a house magazine, and a 30-pack of Berocca. Pillows??? Don't ask. I can't answer that one. To quote Sarek, "It seemed like the logical thing to do at the time."

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