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Christmas shopping

Started my serious Christmas shopping today and already I've made quite a dent in it. I'd previously bought gifts for my friends who visited last week so it's really only family I had to do. And after today's foray I've only one nephew and my stepmum left to buy for.
Shops were absolutely packed, and it's only going to get worse between now and the big day. I wanted something from one particular jeweller but the shop was so crowded I ended up going elsewhere for a while, going back after the crush had left. Parking wasn't the trauma I thought it would be, though. I was able to get a space straight away in the first row I drove down.
Also bought another packet of certificates so I could finish off the last few Best of Breed awards I need for next weekend. Came home and did them up straight away then packed them in my bag so I don't forget to take them with me.

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