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First day of summer (totally irrelevant.)

Bloody train broke down. Would you believe it? As it was, V and I were the only two lenders who'd planned on going back to our branch after today's meeting, and that was only because V goes on holidays tomorrow so we had to do the handover of files etc. Had a nice lunch at a local pub, The Tank I think it was called (wide screen tv so we could watch the cricket too) then headed back southwards. V offered me a lift but I had to go back to the station for my car at the other end anyhow, so I used my return ticket. And then the bloody train broke down, two stops from my destination. Had to change trains - it was 4.45pm by the time I walked back into the branch.
Afterwards we all went to dinner which has left me feeling uncomfortably full. Had a good night though.
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