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Rambling on

Sixteen more sleeps until my sister is here. Not that I'm counting or anything!
Last week's houseguest is coming back up here on Sunday for a few days while he takes care of some business. Damn, I only just remade the spare bed. I've explained that the V8s are on the tv on Sunday so I won't be moving for the duration - he can just bloody arrive after they're over. I've missed most of the season this year due to conflicting commitments and I am NOT missing Phillip Island.
feeling out-of-sorts tonight, and I don't know why.
Commented a few weeks ago that I wasn't all that keen on Robbie Williams' new album. I'm happy to report that it's growing on me; once I started listening to what it actually is rather than what I expected it to be (if that makes any sense) I began enjoying it.
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