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Fuckwit Friday aka Don't Deal With Primus Telecom

I've had both my internet and my phone with them since 2003. In Jan 05 I switched to broadband, ended up with two customer numbers, (one for phone, one for internet), was told it was too hard to put them together for billing purposes however I still received my bundling discount. Then in July this year it suddenly stopped. Every month since then I've rung, and been told it was an administrative error, and they would fix it immediately. Every month I'm given assurances that it won't happen again. In September I was asked why I didn't have just the one bill - and I responded that they had told me it was too hard! My choice was for one bill! So they put the bills together, but still no bundling discount resulted.
Well today I received my latest bill. No discount. So I rang, and spoke to Malcolm, who assured me (like I really believe it, after all this time) that my discount had now been applied - and my bill was going to cost me $2 pm more than previously because I HAD CHANGED MY PLAN, and the old plan was no longer available. He's telling me that my plan is now $45pm and the newly-promised $10pm discount will reduce it to $35. I have a bill here saying my plan is $40pm. What is this man smoking?
My contract expires next month. I'm now off to hunt up a better service. Not necessarily cheaper, mind, but efficient.
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