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Poor boo boo

My car has an ouchie on it. Coming home this afternoon, a light truck entered a roundabout from my left before I'd cleared it, and he clipped my rear bumper. He stopped, I stopped, and we exchanged details. I actually felt sorry for him - he was only a young kid (22 according to his licence) and he was shaking. He rushed over to see if I was all right (I was) and then just kept apologising, "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry!" You couldn't help but respond to his misery.
Still, I have his licence and registration details, and will contact my insurance company in the morning. Hopefully they'll chase it up and I'll need to do nothing more than present the car for repair.
Even though the damage isn't that much, maybe $1000 tops to respray or replace the bumper, it will necessitate a two-day stay at the body shop, so I was pretty pleased to see on my insurance papers that I'd paid to upgrade my cover so that I was covered for a loan or hire car if my car was in being repaired after an accident. I took out the extra cover after paying $110 per day for a hire car when my car was off the road.
This is the second time in 30 months that I've been run into by a truck on a roundabout. Reckon life is trying to tell me something?
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