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Australian Christmas, not a reindeer in sight.

Thanks to anonpussynamer who pointed me towards this.

What Christmas Carol are you?

You are 'The North Wind is Tossing the Leaves'! Aha! An antipodean! And one who is alert enough to know that there are actually Australian Christmas carols written by someone other than Rolf Harris. Christmas for you is about the Summer holidays - you've never forgotten the long weeks of beaches, sunburn, iceblocks and cricket from when you were a child. Whether your family does roast turkey and plum pudding, seafood salads and icecream cake, or lasagne, cottolette and panettone, by Boxing day everyone will be dozing in front of the airconditioning, watching the Test Match or playing with their new toys. And the extra special thing about Christmas in the Southern hemisphere? When the children get up at dawn to open their presents, dawn is 5am...
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It was pretty easy to skew in order to get the desired result. Fun all the same.
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