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Twas the night before the weekend before Christmas....

I love this day. Of all the days of the year, this one is my absolute favourite - the last working day before Christmas. No-one's mind is on work, everyone is festive and friendly, customers keep arriving with gifts, and general bonhomie abounds. It's a wonderful day, much better than Christmas Day itself IMO.
We're all wearing Christmas shirts and jewellery; as I expected, mum came through for me on that score and I was able to wear bracelet, earrings and brooch with Christmas theme. And that was kinda bittersweet too. Mum passed away in 2001 but we only laid her ashes with her parent's a few months ago. Prior to that they resided in an urn at my sister's place, and each year she would reverently place the urn under the Christmas tree. Mum would have appreciated the gesture; she always did love Christmas.

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